Homeopathy: getting “worse” before you get better

Not a lot of people know what homeopathy is. Others immediately dismiss it, deeming it daft or calling it “witchcraft”. And then there are those who have seen homeopathy in action. These people begin to understand how it works and witness how it can heal.


A few years ago, I was introduced to a couple of very talented homeopaths, who are part of a wonderful holistic centre (The Lifeflow Centre). I attended, mainly because of depression, but also for the extremely uncomfortable, painful, and all too regular kidney infections that I’d been afflicted by. If possible, I also wanted a boost of energy. And if they could sort out any of my many other problems, that was cool too. I’m delighted to report that my energy started to increase, my confidence has never been better, and I have a brighter outlook on life. My world is lit up with possibility now. As if all that isn’t enough, the kidney infections have ceased. My periods are regular for the first time ever, as are my bowels. My skin, hair and eyes have more lustre and sparkle. And the dermatitis that had plagued me from the tender age of 10 has almost completely disappeared! I am no longer taking any medication (I used to be on antidepressants and the pill, and I have used many steroid creams over the years for my skin. And, like most people, I popped painkillers whenever a hangover, headache or period pain came my way).

My aunt is another example of how homeopathy can improve someone’s quality of life. Before introducing herself to this alternative medicine, she was taking 17 tablets daily! These included antidepressants, sedatives, sleeping tablets, steroid creams for the psoriasis that covered her entire body, pills for her bowels, and for blood pressure, cholesterol, fluid, stomach ulcers, diverticulitis, arrhythmia, and vertigo. Now, she doesn’t take one single pill. And she didn’t drop dead, like the doctors had her believe. The psoriasis is completely gone. She’s looking better than she ever did and she’s a lot more relaxed. Her enjoyment of life has increased dramatically. She is more alive. Her vital force has been reignited.

Homeopathy fascinates me. I attend a full day of class, twice a month, which is given by four homeopaths, who are so passionate about their work that they don’t even charge for the course. I read books on the subject, sit in on cases with a homeopath whenever I get the chance, speak to people who have used homeopathy, and observe, with interest, my own journey.

I won’t go into much detail about the history or principles of homeopathy because that is readily available on the internet. I want to talk more about how to proceed once you’ve decided you want to go down the natural route of getting better. However, I will introduce you to the concept. The principles of homeopathy were first proposed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago. While conducting  an experiment, Hahnemann took four units of Peruvian bark twice a day, for several days. He began to develop symptoms identical to those of malaria without coming down with the disease. This led him to the conclusion that effective drugs must produce symptoms in healthy people that are similar to the diseases they will be expected to treat. Six years after the experiment, he formulated the theory of homeopathy.¹

Today, this principle is known as the “Law of Similars” and is the basis for the use of the term homeopathy (“similar suffering”). The idea of treating “like with like” can be explained further. For example, drinking too much coffee can cause agitation, sleeplessness, and even palpitations but, when made into the homeopathic remedy Coffea, it is used to treat all these problems. You may have come across this concept in conventional medicine, for example, the stimulant Rilatin being used to treat ADHD, or small doses of allergens such as pollen being used to desensitise allergic patients. However, one major difference in homeopathy is that substances are used in such tiny doses that they are completely non-toxic.²

How does a homeopath know what remedy to use? Think of it like this. We are all made up of energy. Within us, we hold on to every type of energy that has existed on the planet since the start of time, which may make more sense to you after watching this clip.

We access the energy of an animal for times when we need to exhibit aggressive behaviour. We need the energy of a mineral for the structure that we require in our lives. We tap into the energy of a plant to access our sensitivity. However, it is when we become stuck in one of these energies that we get into trouble, and this is when illness arises.

The job of the homeopath is to discover which energy you are stuck in. He/she will then give you a tiny dose of that energy (treating like with like) to blast you out of it. Imagine being stuck in a groove of a record, going over and over the same thing and not being able to get out of it. The homeopathic remedy will lift you out of that groove and move you on. This becomes apparent when you have taken a deep homeopathic remedy. You suddenly feel as if you have arisen above the problems you once thought you were forever trapped in, and you are now looking down on them impassively. When you are no longer caught right in the middle of them, they don’t have as much power over you.

The Sankaran method of homeopathic case-taking is an excellent way for a homeopath to find an individual source (or constitutional) remedy. This method was devised by an Indian homeopath, Rajan Sankaran. The homeopath focuses on the descriptions the patient gives of his/her pain, the sensations experienced in their dreams, and the language the person uses to speak about their passions and fears. Hearing these sensations enables the homeopath to recognise which remedy is needed. This is a very deep and powerful form of homeopathy and I have seen it cure disease and change lives for the better.

Rather than suppress symptoms, as is the norm with conventional medicine, homeopathy gets to the root cause of disease and pushes it out. We can go no further without explaining Hering’s Law of Cure. Healing takes place from top to bottom, from the inside to the out, from greater organs to lesser organs, and in the reverse order in which the symptoms appeared. Watch this for a simple explanation. 

We live in a society that’s obsessed with doing, achieving, and keeping busy. As a result, we demand quick fixes. Conventional medicine speedily suppresses symptoms but it doesn’t get rid of them completely. The disease must go somewhere so it burrows deeper into the body. If you have a rash on your skin, be thankful that it is located on your most external organ, where it cannot harm you as much. However, if you decide you want to get rid of it quickly, you may be prescribed steroids. These drugs will remove the visible symptom from the skin, but will push the disease inwards. Personally, I would rather not take a drug that merely suppresses symptoms, upsets my stomach and puts pressure on my liver.

Alternatively, if you use homeopathy to treat disease, your experience will be very different. Because of Hering’s Law of Cure, once you’ve started a remedy, you will briefly revisit your symptoms in the reverse order in which they appeared. You may develop a rash or get diarrhoea (which is good as the toxins are being pushed out of your body). The pain in your hip may come back for a short period, as will the kidney infection. The earache you often suffered with as a child will return for a short time too. Remind yourself that this is an excellent indication that the homeopath has found a good remedy for you and that things are happening in perfect order.

Hahnemann stated that life is based on the vital force within us. Once the vital force is in harmony, it keeps us healthy. An irritation of this, however, leads to illness. The homeopath’s primary function is to fire up the vital force in each of his patients. And the manner of achieving this will be different for every single person. Mohinder Singh Jus (2006) explains that homeopathy perceives the individual root of disease. In order to be able to do this, one must explore the personality of each patient. Holistic medicine concentrates on the person as a whole. A homeopath will therefore examine the patient’s mental, emotional and physical state so he/she can discover what is upsetting the vital force.

As strange as it sounds, you should be thankful to your disease for pointing out that something is wrong and that you need to change. If you don’t make the necessary adjustments, the disease will keep coming back, no matter how many drugs you take or operations you have. Until you let go of the control, shame, anger, fear, resentment, blame, or whatever it is that’s eating away at you, you will not heal. Thankfully, a good homeopathic remedy will allow your mind to expand and your attitude to shift so that you will adapt to a healthier way of thinking, thus making it easier for you to change. The remedy will also relax you and allow you to finally accept yourself for the way you are, causing the guilt and shame you’ve been dragging around to dissipate.

Understandably, some people grow impatient or get scared when they are being treated with homeopathy. They wonder how long it’s going to take and they fear the return of old symptoms. Here are some tips to follow when you make the switch to homeopathy:

1) Be patient

It takes time but know that you are getting better. Be thankful that you are using a natural medicine that is not going to fill your body with chemicals and harmful side-effects. Remind yourself of Hering’s Law of Cure and take note of the symptoms you are experiencing.

2) Rest

If you are one of the many who constantly pushes yourself, this is going to be very hard for you. However, how hard you are on yourself is probably one of the main reasons why you are sick. A good homeopathic remedy will make you very tired. If you feel like you’re walking through mud and you can barely move any of your limbs, that is a good sign. Your energy is now flowing to your most important organs in order to heal them. So, it’s in your interest, and in the interest of your vital organs, to rest as much as possible.

3) Treat your homeopath like a doctor

Keep in contact with your homeopath as you journey through Hering’s Law of Cure. And if you’re feeling seriously agitated or have any doubts or questions, pay him/her another visit. A good homeopath will want to keep tabs on your progress and he/she may need to administer more medicine or adjust the potency or remedy.

4) Don’t panic

You may feel worse than you ever did and more tired than you thought possible, but don’t panic. Others may urge you to go back to the doctor and because this medicine is so new to you, you may be inclined to agree with them. But give homeopathy a chance. Contact your homeopath. Seek out support from people who’ve already been treated with homeopathic medicine. Give it time. You’ll soon realise that you needed to go through the tiredness and that brief reoccurrence of symptoms in order to heal.

5) Reclaim your power

Take the power back into your own hands. Most of us have grown up in a society that looks up to doctors, surgeons and consultants. Many of us live in extreme fear of tests and results. We take drugs without question. We pump our bodies with antibiotics, steroids, painkillers, and much more. We presume that the man in the white coat knows best. Who are we to question the reasons for taking this medicine and its potential side effects? So, why not educate yourself on medicine, both conventional and natural?

Some of you have been using homeopathy without even being aware of it. Perhaps you have already used Calendula and Arnica for cuts and bruising. Why not take this self-medication further by investing in a homeopathic first aid kit?You’ll save a fortune on doctors’ visits. Start getting rid of your pains and sicknesses by searching the easy-to-use handbook for your symptoms and treating accordingly. I once had such a bad headache, I could hardly see. I made up a homeopathic remedy and drank it down. The headache disappeared in seconds! Children do very well on homeopathic medicine. They love the autonomy that comes with finding medicines for themselves. Homeopathy is also very effective in treating animals. For a deeper constitutional remedy, however, consult a homeopath.

Many people scoff at homeopathy. They dismiss it before trying it for themselves. They wonder why it is not more popular. It is in the interest of rich doctors and powerful pharmaceuticals for homeopathy not to become recognised as a valid, effective medicine. I might ask why so many people believe so strongly in conventional medicine. Can you honestly tell me that you know exactly how a painkiller works? Or an antidepressant? Yet, many of us swallow them without thought. We rarely ponder on where the pain goes or what side effects the drugs will have.

We have become victims of scaremongering. We are so fearful of dying that when we hear the dramatic news reports on the most recent “pandemic”, we rush to get vaccinated. But how many people suffer horrific side effects and even death from these vaccinations? According to this next clip, conventional medicine is the biggest cause of premature death in the U.S.

When a person is sick, the most important thing that needs to be changed is the mindset that is creating the disease. Listen to the way you describe your symptoms. You complain, “I am constipated” instead of stating, “My bowels are constipated.” Is your body ill? Or are you ill? You are what the homeopath is interested in. Naboru Muramoto explains this beautifully:

“Western medicine divides the human into categories and regards each malfunctioning part as separate from the whole. In the Orient, we believe that it is impossible to isolate a part without considering what effect it will have on the whole. We do not concentrate on the illness, but on the entire body. We do not label disease. Because all diseases come from the same source- an imbalance of energy flow throughout the body.”

To me, homeopathy is synonymous with freedom. It is liberating to remove the pedestal that had been so firmly placed beneath doctors and consultants. To no longer live in fear of a test result. To not have to face going under the knife. To be free of the medication that would only serve to dampen my vital force. And, more importantly, to be released from the mindset that had held me captive for so many years.


1. Sing Jus, Mohinder (2006) The Journey of a Disease: A Homeopathic Concept of Suppression and Cure. Kandern: Narayana Verlag.


2. The Society of Homeopaths (2011) About Homeopathy.

*The Lifeflow Centre runs an excellent class on health two Saturdays a month.

61 responses to “Homeopathy: getting “worse” before you get better

  1. Sharon

    This blog is fantastic, really, really impressive and explained so well and simply! I shall be sharing this and even printing it out for people.
    Well done
    Keep up the good work

  2. Thank you, Monica!
    Glad you like it :-)
    Hope it helps people to understand this wonderful medicine and to give homeopathy a chance to do its work.

  3. It is getting good comments after putting it on Facebook and it is circulating already…I like!

  4. unbelievable sharon, i found this very reassuring. every time i feel im getting worse ill have to remember im getting better!

  5. Hello All, I am so glad to hear this! I started a Homeopathic treatment last week. I have felt terrible. I thought about stopping the program till I read this site. I also spoke to my Naturapathic doctor who explained that I may feel bad at the beginning of the treatment and that it was a good thing. It doesnt feel good now. But, its reassuring to know that this is a normal feeling. I will hang in and continue with treatment and look forward to the benefits of the treatment. Thanks so much!

  6. Hi Michele,
    I’m delighted that you found this article helpful and reassuring.
    I wish you the best of luck with your treatment.
    Your life will be so much better as a result :-)

  7. Sharon,
    I just found your blog on google and I’m glad that I did. I was just getting ready to do a review on my blog of a homeopathic product. It was going to be a negative review because it made my symptoms worst, however after reading your blog I realize I need to give homeopathic medicine a second chance. I now understand that things will get worst before they get better with homeopathic medicine.

    Thank you for opening up my eyes!

  8. You’re very welcome. I’m glad you came across my article and will now give it a chance to do its work. Best of luck with it!

  9. I’n much thankfull of da article it hast realy gave me a huge light of how homeophaty works! I’v jst stated sulphur homeophathy few days ago, however I’m glad to haveth found these infor thru well established article.

  10. Is learning homeopathy dependent upon belief in evolution?

  11. No, of course not. Different homeopaths have different beliefs.
    That video clip made sense to me and helped me understand things a little better so I thought I’d share it.

  12. I found this quote very fitting “Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.” — Louis E. Boone

  13. Thankyou so much for this! I am currently venturing into the world of alternative medicine to try and help my acne after coming off the pill. I am on my 3rd try of different remedies and my skin Is worse than ever but your post has given me hope! Thankyou :)

  14. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for the blog, very helpful. I wanted to ask you do the symptoms get worse before getting better with mental illnesses too?

    Thank you! All the best.

    • You’re welcome.
      Depending on the potency of the remedy you’re taking, it can cause aggravation. If the symptoms are bad, contact your homeopath. You may need to change the potency or the frequency of taking the remedy or you may even need a new remedy altogether.
      With homeopathy, usually the mental symptoms get better before the physical ones.
      Hope that helps.
      Good luck with it!

  15. I humbly wish to know if one can take probiotic when also taking Homeopathic drugs.I think I am suffering from candida.Before i started the Homeopathy,I was taking probiotic which I must confess really helped.My sinusitis would almost immediately disappear and my tongue that is whitish/yellowish would also improve.But i decided Last December to start homeopathy and since then I stopped the probiotic thinking it would interfere will the Homeopathy.It has been two months now I started the Homeopathy;I must say i am really not too impressed with my progress so far.So i was thinking maybe i should incorporate probiotic into it.So,can one take probiotic and homeopathy at the same time?

    Moreso,it has been two months since I started taking the remedies my Homeopath gave me.I am now on the third remedy with one remedy left to go and it just seems nothing significant is happening as my tongue is getting whiter/yellowish more and more.

    • Hi Mick,
      The two will not cancel each other out or interfere with the other.
      As I wrote in the article, oftentimes, symptoms get worse or recur while healing body and mind. This is because the body is detoxing and clearing out, which is a good thing.
      If you feel better mentally and emotionally (calmer, better sleep), that’s a good sign that the remedy is working. If, however, you haven’t noticed any positive change, you may need a different remedy or a different potency of the remedy you’re on.
      Best of luck with it! Hope it helps!

  16. Is five months too long to wait until you start to feel better? I’ve been on a remedy for 5 months and feeling worse than ever. I get the “you’ll feel worse before feeling better” but I feel this is too long. Finally today my homeopath advised me to stop taking the remedy and we’ll meet again in two weeks and review.

    • There are no hard and fast rules with homeopathy – it all depends on the individual, the remedy and potency given, and the state of the patient.
      However, aggravations can occur when taking a remedy at a certain potency for a certain length of time. In this case, the homeopath may wish to tweak the potency/dosage and/or (s)he may wish to change the remedy altogether.
      It’s good that you’re meeting up with your homeopath soon so you can discuss all this and come up with a solution.
      Good luck!

  17. Hello Sharon. I have been suffering from acute recurring depressions for over 25 years now. Earlier I have tried, unsuccessfully, several allopathy medicines like Prozac, Lithium carbonate etc. I have been on Dr. Sankaran’s treatment for over 5 years now. Although much better, I’m not cured as yet. I see Dr. Sankaran every 2 months for his observation as to how I am doing. If it’s taken so much time for a legend like Dr. Sankaran to as yet fully cure me, I guess there must be something very major wrong with me. Please reassure me that Dr. Sankaran should be able to cure me since I am getting fairly tired of this “baggage” I have been carrying with me for over 25 years. Jayant

  18. Hi Jayant,
    First of all, well done for persevering.
    I also tried allopathic medicine, which made me feel better briefly, then numb and, finally, worse than ever before.
    With homeopathy, I felt worse before I felt better, and it was a more gradual improvement.
    I’m so grateful to be off allopathic medication as there are no side effects with homeopathy and I am bettering my health rather than damaging it.
    The journey of disease of the mind is a long one in so it makes sense that it’s not a quick journey back out. Homeopathy doesn’t promise a quick fix.

    You said it all when you said you’re much better. I hope you continue to improve. Trust that you are always getting better and that there is no going backwards.
    Everybody has off days when they feel depressed. This is what it is to be human. Don’t fear that these normal emotions are a return into the depths of depression. What you resist persists, as they say. Accept that that is the way you’re feeling. Observe your thoughts and how your body reacts to them.
    Ultimately, you cure yourself. Homeopathy brings your body and mind back into balance and, once you’re more centred, you feel better.
    Hope that helps.
    Good luck, Jayant!

  19. hi sharon,
    iam a patient of plaque psoriasis.i had been suffering from this disease for the last 6 years since when i was in 10th grade.. i tried conventional type of medicines which gave me relief for sometime but reappear again.. Recently i started homeopathy treatment and within one week of the treatment i had an aggravation of the existing symptoms but iam still continuing the treatment for almost two months.Iam confused because the symptoms are so bad and they are not decreasing with this treatment. shall i stop the treatment or continue? i dont know if the treatment is really working because i read so many times in books and websites blogs that aggravation is common in chronic disease and is good sign that the body is responding well to the medicines.. iam confused please help.

  20. Hi Kino,
    With homeopathic treatment, it can seems like symptoms get worse initially. This is because the body has gone into healing mode and is pushing out disease. The skin is often the last part of the body to get better because it is the most external organ. This is a good thing as the disease is moving far away from your internal vital organs.
    The most important thing to notice is if your mind is feeling more at peace, if you’re sleeping better, etc. If so, everything else will follow.
    However if you’re feeling very unwell, I would check in with your homeopath who may want to change the potency/dosage of the remedy you’re taking.
    In the meantime, try taking baths with bread soda in them. This should also help.
    I hope this helps and I hope that you see an improvement soon.
    Good luck!

  21. Thanks for your beautifully written blog and detailed explanation of homeopathy. I’m currently being treated for glandular fever by my homeopath and was just starting to lose hope. So thank you!! :)

  22. Reblogged this on BODHI and commented:
    Great article on homeopathy!

  23. I am being treated homeopathically for Lyme’s disease. I definitely got worse before getting better. Sometimes you just need to cut down the dosage. My homeopath calls them “flares.”

  24. Hi, great sight! Very interesting! I need some advise as I’m on the verge of giving up. I’ve been going to a homeopath since December for PCOS. I’ve broken out in such bad acne & my skin has never been worse. Its actually so depressing. I feel like quitting & going back to contraceptives. I actually don’t know which way to turn. Please help

    • Hi Meisha,
      I feel for you. As the title of this article suggests, the symptoms can become worse before you get better. There may be a lot of poison that needs to come out of your body and it’s doing so through the skin. You can help the symptoms but, rather than doing it by masking the symptoms, you could do it with diet. Try eating more anti-inflammatory foods like ginger, cooling foods like pears, pear juice and cucumbers. Avoid red meat, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar and any other foods that add heat to the body. And half a teaspoon of bread soda is excellent for alkalising the body, which should help too. Keep in touch with your homeopath too.
      Best of luck!

      • P.S. I meant half a teaspoon of bread soda in water a day.

      • meishab@mtn.blackberry.com

        Hi thank you for responding. Just that its been 4 months on meds & no results & no improvement. I feel as if I’m fighting a losing battle. I’m not sure if the Vitex is causing a breakout. I’ve exhausted my medical aid in the hope of success. The homeopath is treating my PCOS so will this cause acne break outs? Thank you
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  25. Hello,

    I started homepathy at the end of February of this year, I mainly went for anxiety and my sinuses. I was given two pellets of sulfur to start off with. My anxiety got worse for a few days and my sinuses were not that affected. But after a few days I dont feel any anxiety at all so I was super excited about that.

    Now today though he has increased my dosage of sulfur to drink 4x a day, and for the past few days my sinuses have felt worse than ever, that is normal ya?

    • Hi Roy,
      Yes that’s normal. Your symptoms may seem to get worse before they get better but it’s good because the energy is moving, your vital force has been stimulated and it’s bringing stuff up in order to push it out. The main thing is that the anxiety has passed and the physicals will follow suit too.
      Best of luck with it!

  26. Just read this again. Great read, thank you :)

  27. I really liked this article. Thank you. I recently took a leap of faith after western medicine left me worse off. I am at step one so this encouraged me to hang in there despite the pain and tiredness I am feeling all over again.
    Thank you Sharon. :)

    • I’m glad that this article helped you and gave you faith to keep going with it. I wish you luck, health and healing.

      • Hi….I just started my medication 15 days back..n I was feeling so tired that I was anxious as to what is wrong with my body as t thought Homoepathy pills don’t even make us feel tired! Until I read ur article…tq so much for d details n bringing back my confidence n hope to get myself free from acidity problem !

      • Hi, I’m so glad that the article has helped you and given you the confidence to stick with the homeopathic treatment. I wish you all the best with it.

  28. Hi, I’ve started my homeopathy treatment 5 weeks ago. I have chronic vaginal yeast infection and poor metabolism since I can remember. My homeopath discovered 4 types of yeast in my body and some food intolerances/ allergies. After 4 weeks she did check-up and said lots of allergens were pushed out of my body but still should avoid rye flour products and glucose syrup. Also yeast still remained in the body. Apart from yeast infection that recurred again I started to feel dizzy, light-headed, sudden weakness feeling, like about to faint. I have this since 3-4 weeks. As soon as I’m in warm room I feel like I am about to collapse. My hands start to sweat and I can hear/ see worse (almost like being drunk). I did blood check together with EKG but results are fine. Can it be that the homeopathic treatment causes this feeling? I was taking for 1 month E5 D200 for strength, LYC C30 for bowels improvement and D12 for yeast. Since 1 week I take D5 Mucokehl. Please advise.

    • Hi Mary,
      Yes definitely avoid sugar. Try taking bread soda (bicarbonate of soda) internally and take baths with it in it too. Coconut oil would help too.
      Often, patients feel worse before they feel better. They can get very tired and go into what’s called a healing crisis.
      I would contact your homeopath and report your symptoms to him/her so they can decide whether to change the remedy/strength of remedy/or dosage. He/she can explain and reassure also.
      I hope that helps.
      Best of luck with it!

  29. Palwasha Asmat

    Hi. I started homeopathy for diabetes and hyperthyroidism-which also included medicines for helping me gain weight-since I’ve lost loads of it due to both these issues. It has been 2 weeks now. But just 2 days ago I was given Neo-Mercazole (for Hyperthyroidism). I have since started having nerve burning sensations all over my body. Feels like my nerves are on fire. I am dead scared. I wonder if this is the symptons of homeopathy getting worse at first or if it has something to do with neo-Mercazole. Please reply and let me know…this is freaking me out!!!

    • Hi, I have heard of people experiencing burning sensations as a side effect of taking neo-mercazole so I would advise you to go back to your doctor and tell them what’s happening. I would also advise you to go back to your homeopath who can help you manage your symptoms and hopefully help you heal from the inside out. Best of luck.

  30. Thank u so much dear for explaining the stages of treatment. I am having a bad skin infection on my face. I have been to four derms with different opinions. Now I am taking homeopathy. Its been three weeks. My symptoms are now worse. I had a panic attack but now I ll be calm and wait for the healing to happen as promised by my homeopath. Acc to him it ll take 2 to 3 months to return to normal and the complete healing will take one year. He is my last hope….

  31. Hi all-I just want to if the meds my homeopath gave are any good.Beginning the yr I started having BAD PANIC attacks: ( she gave me Aconite/tran quill capsules and Effect D capsules -I took them for 3 days and felt worse than before.so I went to my GP and she gave me sleeping tabs/ tranquilisers/ and an anti depressant.Now I’m wondering if I should give homeopathic meds a try now- can anyone help me -I hate taking the GP’s tablets

    • Hi Kim,
      Sorry to hear you’re going through a tough time. I’d definitely give the homeopathy a chance. It’s your decision whether you decide to stay on the GP’s tablets as well.
      Best of luck.

  32. Hey Sharon,

    Very informative article. Certainly has given me hope that my symptoms will dissipate if I’m patient with the homeopathic remedy I am on. I am taking the UNDA numbers as of 2.5 days ago for anxiety/depression (on the more severe side of things after no success with anti-depressants). I have been feeling worse for wear for the most part and aggravated. I didn’t expect to feel like this and my homeopathic doctor told me I wouldn’t feel worse when starting the treatment. Is this a normal response? How long does it typically take for the bad feelings to pass? Thank you.


  33. Hey Sharon,

    I started a combination of UNDA numbers two and a half days ago for anxiety and depression issues that have been plaguing me since I stopped smoking marijuanna. I am feeling worse and more aggravated since starting the treatment but I trust what you are saying in this blog. I tried anti-depressants which made me worse and gave me horrendous side-effects and am hoping this can give me the boost I need to resume my life and have that elusive clarity that seems so foreign when dealing with these issues. I’m hoping I can start seeing some improvements soon as Christmas is coming up :) Is this normal? Thanks.


  34. Thanx alot for this post.
    It is really helpful and has boosted up my energy knowning that it is a good sign to get worse before getting better..!!

  35. Hi. I chance upon your blog on homeopathy. I felt encouraged. I just started homeopathy for my eczema around my mouth, neck and fold of arms. My homeopath doctor started me off with clearing my sinus. That improved a great deal. But my ezcema itching got so bad. My friend did tell ne it gets worse before it gets better. The itching can get very annoying especially when the weather is hot. I instead to persevere dispite the intense itching. I put a neem/turmeric paste with water for 30 minutes before bed to control the itching so i can sleep at night. After washing it off, i rub pure coconut oil. Its helping a lot. It will be 2 months in 4 days time since starting on this journey. I am now round 2 of the homeopathic medicines. Sometimes i use cold compress in the day time to help me with the itching. It takes a lot of patience.

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