The Dual

Orders. Borders.

Lockdown. Curfew. Restrict.

Fear. Illness. Death.

Beliefs. Choice.

Shaming. Ostracised.

Confusion. Intuition.

Separation. Anger.



Loved ones.

Home for Christmas.

Work. Travel.

Left outside.

Where’s my voice?

Masked expressions.


Music after a teary depression.

Strength and attitude.

Dress and heels.

What’s life about?

80 years’ old.

We’re all going to die.

What’s important?

Chest to chest, squeezing tight.

Giving love in words and touch and actions.

Learning. Releasing.

Healing. Helping.

Respect. Compassion.

A whale.

A wizened turtle.

Where sea meets air.

A sliver of rose gold aside a planet burning bright.

One day, this will all be over.

Image: Pinterest

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