Living in the Question

The other day, I went on an adventure to Howth. As my friend and I bathed our feet at the water’s edge, she asked me: “If you had all the money in the world, what would you do all day?”

I looked out at the horizon and the blobs of white cloud, and I smiled as it dawned on me. “I would be doing pretty much what I’m already doing. I’d go on lots of adventures, I’d travel and I’d swim in the ocean. I’d still hang out with friends, read books and watch movies. The one thing I’d be doing differently is that I’d be writing.” My friend turned to me and said, “So you need to start writing.”

We agreed that we’re fortunate to be living lives that we’re so content with. I recalled how another friend asked me recently what I’m grateful for. My answer had been similar. It really is the simple things: work, adventure, friends and laughter.


Later that day, as we explored this beautiful seaside village, my wise friend stated: “The only thing getting in the way of what we really want is ourselves.” We contemplated this. Should we be trying to make things happen or does that attract more trying? Alternatively, is it better to do the things we love and to be in the flow, and that way wonderful things will come to us?

As we stepped down a stony cliff trail, my friend had a great idea for something we could set up together. I exclaimed: “You see! When we’re here, doing something we enjoy, inspiration arises. Out of one thing, another thing emerges.” I didn’t know if I was making any sense. Sometimes, words just don’t cut it. But my friend got it.


We climbed the hill back to the car and I confessed: “Often, I see something I really like, and instead of enjoying it and being grateful for its presence, I get a feeling of longing, of wanting more, of wishing things were different but believing that they never will be. I know, in those instances, that I have moved out of the moment and into a feeling of lack. So I just need to change my beliefs. Expect that good things will happen. They are happening.”

My friend paused and added: “That’s it! All we have to do is be in the now. Enjoy what’s right in front of us. How does it get any better than that?”

Since that unexpected outing to Howth, when I lie in bed, when I work, when I sip on a cup of coffee, when I laugh with friends, when I make eye contact with a guy I fancy, when I get into the car that will take me wherever I want to go, when I cycle past cornfields and feel the strength and ability of my body, I give thanks, I appreciate the moment, and I say: How does it get any better than this? 

I’m living in the question and I’m not limiting myself by coming up with the answer. And it just gets better and better. I’m going on adventures, I’m visiting new places, and I’m spending time with friends and family. I’m reading, watching movies and listening to live music.

This week, I attended an excellent yoga class, witnessed a meteor shower and saw wild seals. And right now, I’m writing. How does it get any better than this?


Images: Author’s own

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