Mirror, mirror on the wall

“We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are.” Anais Nin

We perceive life, situations and people not as they are but as we are. Everything we look at and everything we experience is tinged with our own feelings, desires, fears and issues. If we perceive someone to be threatening, mean, condescending, or selfish, every action that person makes towards us will confirm those beliefs. If someone we believe to be generous, loving, caring, and helpful does the exact same thing as the first person, we will probably take it in a completely different, and more positive, way.

Our thoughts impact heavily on everything around us. They are what manifest as our own personal reality. A reality we have created. If you are unhappy with the way your life is going, alter your thoughts. I guarantee you will observe a change.

Think of life as a lake. A lake is a body of water. Nothing more, nothing less. But in this lake, the mountain sees itself shimmering up at him. The trees observe their trunks, leaves and branches swimming beneath them. The sky is perfectly reflected on the water. The moon dances there at night and the clouds play chasing across its surface. The mountain, trees, sky, moon and clouds are not part the lake. Yet their images are clearly evident.

However, if you put your hands into the lake and really feel it, you will break up this reflection. Once you get past the surface of your perception, the delusion becomes blurred. This is what you need to do in life. Slice through the illusion and see things for what they really are. Yes, there is a lot to be learned from what is mirrored back to you. Simply take on this awareness. Then, somersault into living. Splash about and make your own waves. Dive into the depths of your consciousness. But most importantly of all, stop being blinded by your own reflection.


2 responses to “Mirror, mirror on the wall

  1. You’re absolutely brilliant, Sharon. I love your thought-provoking posts. You should seriously consider writing a book.

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