“She’ll tire herself out eventually.”

These past few days, I’ve experienced a surge of excess energy. I spent Saturday night dancing around my bedroom. I then completed a set of sit-ups and chin-ups, like a disciplined action hero preparing for a life-threatening escape from some high security prison. I’ve been running across the plains of the Curragh, jumping around the flat, and singing/shouting as I drive.

Maybe it’s the unexpected good weather. Perhaps it’s my mood. Or there could be something in the air… All I know is that I’m not complaining.


I’m listening to my body and it’s telling me that it has energy to burn. Though my mind insists that I should be tired after a full day in college, I’m allowing my body to unwind by expressing itself through rigorous exercise. It feels good to give some freedom to my body instead of being controlled exclusively by a mind that’s been influenced by years of unquestioned habits and rules.

If there is something in the air and you too are experiencing random bursts of energy, do something with it. If we were children, we’d be playing skipping and chasing and climbing trees. Don’t permit your society-moulded mind to dictate to you what, where, or when you can or cannot do the things you feel like doing. Unleash the bold child itching to get out. Jump up and down on your bed. Round up a gang of mates for a game of rounders. Spend a day at the beach swimming and racing along the sand. Go surfing or wakeboarding. Start up a tag rugby tournament. Spend an entire night on the dance floor. You’re free to do whatever it is you want to do. So do it!

Everywhere I drive, I sing/scream; mouth wide, fists in the air (when I’m not changing gears, of course). Florence and the Machine is great for this…

4 responses to ““She’ll tire herself out eventually.”

  1. Brilliant…!

  2. Love Florence & the Machine. You’re awesome, Sharon! 🙂

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