Challenge Accepted!

Last night I witnessed a friend doing something so brave I almost came out in a rash for her.

I met my gal pal for a few Saturday night bevvies. We were standing in a cold part of the smoking section when my friend spotted a table by a heater. But a man was there. She decided to ask him if we could swap tables. She persuaded him by telling him he was a “strapping fella” and he was wearing a coat. He obliged.

As we caught up on our news, she kept catching his eye. After just two glasses of wine, she stood up and announced, to my excitement and horror, “I’m going to ask for his number!” I worried that she’d pick up on my terror so I kept my mouth shut and simply smiled and nodded. I may have also given her the thumbs up. I don’t know. It all happened so fast.

She sauntered over to him and I slyly watched them in the reflection of a window. She was talking and laughing and typing something into her phone. She breezed back, mission accomplished. And not a bother on her.

Later, we discussed the issue with a lad, who said it’s a turn-on when a woman approaches a man. It shows that she’s confident and doesn’t care what people think. I confessed that I’ve an almighty fear of rejection. My friend stated: “If you feel fabulous, the outcome won’t matter.” She told us that if the guy had refused her advances, she wouldn’t have felt any differently about herself. He wouldn’t be rejecting her as a person because he doesn’t know her. He could have a partner or he may not find her physically attractive. She added: “It’s impossible for every man to find the same woman beautiful.”

She explained it with such logic that it actually made sense to me. Maybe it didn’t have to be so scary… We decided that the next time we go out, I’ll give it a go. Challenge accepted! Eek!

P.S. As we were about to leave the pub, a guy we’d been talking to came after me and asked me for my number. And I gave it to him. Already, 2012 is proving to be a very interesting year…

Read this if you want more on fear of rejection…


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