Flame on fire

Replace labels, judgements and criticism with acceptance, awareness and gratitude. Don’t take life so seriously. Instead, become curious about your world and get to know the real you.

Touch the skin of the earth and give thanks for all that it provides. Notice the sunshine flit like fireflies upon the water. Soak in the wisdom of the mountains. Put your ear to a tree trunk and listen to it drink. Watch a cluster of daffodils bobbing their heads as though murmuring an appreciation of the revitalising breeze.

Savour the tastes and aromas of a meal prepared with love. Give yourself fully to a warm embrace or the sweet caress of a loved one. Observe a baby or a child and delight in their gaze, their wonder and their greatness at simply being.

Laugh. Dance. Sing. Cry. Feel. Express yourself. Ask for what you want. Learn. Love. Be present. Enjoy life. It’s here. Right now.

Feast your senses on this voice of passion whose depths transcend language.

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