Autumn is the perfect artistic expression of impermanence. Yesterday, the sky was charcoal. Today, it is cornflower blue. The sun is bright yet the breeze is cool. The light dances playfully on the water and between the leaves, revealing itself before hiding briefly in the shadows.

The trees show off their newly tinted crowns of copper and auburn, burnt yellow and orange. The wind gently shakes the branches and the trees toss down their leaves, like demure Rapunzels bestowing us, all princes and princesses, with a rust-coloured carpet to climb upon.

Nothing stays the same. There is beauty in the before, in the after, and in the transformation of it all. Everything changes. I breathe in this awareness.

12 responses to “Impermanence

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  2. You capture exactly what I love about Autumn. I find the varying weather conditions and everyday changes around me emotionally and creatively stimulating!

  3. You’re so right — in our climate-controlled lives, the seasons can teach us SO much about impermanence, & enjoying the changing. Great reminder!

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    The wheel of the year, the changing of the seasons, can teach us SO much about impermanence……….

  5. Wow, beautifully written 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing the poetry of your vision.

  7. The prose is eloquent and warm – just like autumn. Enjoyed reading it.

  8. Aw shucks, what a compliment!!! Thank you 🙂
    Your post is absolutely beautiful.

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