Talking Trees

There is something about the wind in the leaves this time of year.  It reminds me of the fizz of the ocean as it races up and down the strand.  There is an entire symphony up every bark.  A final farewell before journeying into winter.

This is my meditation music.  I discard my iPod and tilt back my head.  Leaves swirl from the heavens and blow across my path.  Someday, I might understand the hum, hiss and chatter of the trees.  If I stop awhile and listen.

5 responses to “Talking Trees

  1. The wind… reminds of the old poem. Who has seen the Wind, neither you nor I….listening to the wind than the IPOD is more nourshing to the soul.

  2. Precise words, perfect solitude 🙂

  3. Being one with nature – clears the mind and the refreshes the soul.
    Thank you for sharing!

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