Things that make me go Aahhhh….

Okay, aside from a little bit of Oooh Aaah Paul McGrath, if you know what I mean (I realise that my foreign readers won’t get the embarrassing rhyming reference to getting jiggy with it), here’s a contented-sigh-inducing list of things that make me go Aahhhh….

That first slug of tea after a long day      The climax of a favourite tune

"Life is too short to drink from an ugly cup." jAne at Tickleberry Farm

The first holiday glimpse of the ocean                   Writing something beautiful

Surrendering my weight into a comfortable bed

         Sliding into a hot bubble bath                 The tightest of bear hugs

Reading the first page of a novel and knowing that this book is going to rock

Taking time out in nature                       The sound of rain beating off a tin roof

*Snow Magic by TORI STEFFEN

WAKING UP TO AN INCREDIBLE SNOW SCENE                         Swimming solo

The sky in all its forms and shades and PaTteRn$

Beauty… from nature to a photograph to a piece of music to a particularly pleasing male form…

Freewheeling after cycling up a steep incline

Sunshine on my skin                                                    Newly changed bedclothes

The scent of yellow furze and freshly cut grass

The blast of hot air as I step off the plane in an exciting foreign location

Lighting a candle just because…

The first gasp of breath after an extraordinary belly laugh

Now, do fill me in on some of the things that make you go Aahhhh


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7 responses to “Things that make me go Aahhhh….

  1. What a gorgeous post full of beautiful references! Your first cup of tea of the day: I can SO relate to that….

  2. Ah I love all of these images – that teapot! Just getting off my feet is enough to make me go ‘aahhhh’

  3. Sentimental Asylum

    Getting to sleep in

  4. Hey Sharon,

    I never had the chance to tell you how much I like the way you’re writing this blog. I think this post is a good opportunity to do so (“I realise that my foreign readers won’t get the embarrassing rhyming reference to getting jiggy with it”) 😉
    I have to admit I discovered your blog through the articles you post on facebook. And it’s always delightful to read some of your English articles. I also have to say it’s a pleasant way for me not to forget my English which is sometimes spoiled by German since our stay in Munich! Hope all goes well for you. Take care. Lucie.

  5. Hey Lucie, thanks for the lovely comment and great to hear from you!!!
    How are things going for you?
    Hope you’re well too. xxx

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